ACART is seeking feedback on a proposal to amend the Guidelines for Extending the Storage Period of Gametes and Embryos (the guidelines) to address an apparent anomaly that affects the extension of the storage of embryos created using donated gametes (sperm and/or eggs). The current guidelines require gamete donors to re-consent when intending parents seek an extension to the storage of the embryos they created from the donated gametes. This requirement contradicts the understanding of both ACART and the fertility services providers that, when intending parents create embryos from donated gametes, the resulting embryos are under the sole authority of the intending parents.

In addition to the above proposal, ACART seeks the public’s views on other parts of the guidelines, which will provide further information on how the public interprets them or identify whether any changes are needed.

You can provide your feedback on the document via the Health Consultation Hub(external link).

The closing date for feedback is 30 September 2022.

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