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The Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology is running the following consultation.

Proposed Guidelines for the Posthumous Use of Gametes, Reproductive Tissue and Stored Embryos consultation

ACART is undertaking a two-stage consultation to assess the need for change in how we regulate posthumous reproduction in New Zealand.

Guidelines developed as a result could allow people to use fertility treatment if a loved one dies.

First consultation

The first round of consultation in 2018 presented ACART’s background to, and rationale for, policy proposals to consider replacing the original (current) guidelines written in the year 2000. 

ACART asked the public if, and in what circumstances, posthumous reproduction might be acceptable. 

ACART has considered the policy matters and drafted new guidelines and is now seeking public feedback on the proposed guidelines. 

Second consultation

This consultation document presents the proposed guidelines along with information on the background and rationale.

It raises important ethical questions about the retrieval and use of gametes from a person who is no longer able to consent. 

ACART also asks who should be able to authorise the retrieval and use of gametes, and notes that the regulatory mechanism needs to be confirmed.

How to have your say

ACART is seeking public feedback on the proposed new guidelines. 

You can view the full consultation document and provide feedback in the Health Consultation Hub: 

The closing date for feedback is Wednesday 30 September 2020.

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