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Annual Report 2010–11

This has been the sixth year of ACART’s existence since its establishment in 2005, with a continued high workload. Challenges come from the growing complexity of the relationships involved in proposed treatments, and the expanding number of reasons for which people seek to use various fertility treatments.

ACART’s work in 2010–11 has included finalising guidelines and advice after taking into account feedback from public and ministerial consultation. In November 2010 ACART completed consultation with the Minister of Health on guidelines on the use of donated eggs with donated sperm, and issued the guidelines to ECART. The Minister accepted ACART’s advice, tendered in July 2010, that in vitro maturation should become an established procedure for individual and donation treatment purposes. The HART Order 2005 was accordingly amended in March 2011.

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    04 October 2011
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    978-0-478-37349-3 (online)
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    Citation: ACART. 2011. Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology: Annual report 2010/11. Wellington: Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology.
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