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Annual Report 2008-09

In this, the fourth year of ACART’s existence, the committee’s workload has continued to be high. The work programme required the committee to work simultaneously in a number of areas.

In July 2008 ACART released a consultation document on the use of frozen eggs in fertility treatment. The collection and freezing of eggs was declared to be an established procedure in New Zealand in 2005. ACART proposed that the use of frozen eggs in fertility treatment become an established procedure.

Also in July 2008 ACART released its consultation paper on pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) with HLA tissue typing. Draft guidelines were subsequently developed, and remain under consideration.

This year, ACART considered the technical report on in vitro maturation (IVM) that was commissioned in May 2008. This report identified the benefits and risks of the collection of immature eggs, the maturation of the eggs through IVM and the subsequent use of these eggs for fertility treatment. ACART will provide advice to the Minister later in 2009 on the use of IVM in fertility treatment.

ACART has continued work in the last year on the use of donated eggs with donated sperm for reproductive purposes. ACART is currently consulting with the Minister on guidelines for the use of donated eggs with donated sperm.

ACART’s role in monitoring developments in human reproductive research was assisted by reports provided by a Scanning Panel, set up in 2008 for one year.

As in earlier years, ACART interacted closely with ECART, the Ministry of Health and providers of fertility services in the course of its work programme. The insights provided assisted ACART greatly in implementing its responsibilities under the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 2004.

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